Ottawa Bus Central Station

Ottawa Central Station, formerly known as Ottawa Bus Central Station, is the primary intercity bus terminus in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada's national capital city. It used to have the same management as Montreal's major bus terminal, Gare d'autocars de Montreal before the latter was purchased by the Quebec Government. On February 7, 2011, the terminal operations were sold to Corporate Customer Service Limited, a sub-contractor of Greyhound Canada. Corporate Customer Service formed a new company, Ottawa Central Station Inc., to manage the terminal. The building and the lot is owned by Cesar Silverside Corporation. The station is located at 265 Catherine Street, between Kent Street and Lyon Street, just north of Highway 417, the primary expressway through Ottawa.
There are on-site Greyhound customer service agents at the station. Investigation Services Ltd. operates as the station's main security. The Cisco Systems Bluesfest, Ideal Control Systems and First Student offices are located on the second level of the terminal.
The majority of buses serving the station are operated by Greyhound Canada. Destinations from Ottawa include Toronto, Montreal, Syracuse and Sudbury. Café on the Spot operates as the station's restaurant facility and convenience store, offering fries, hamburgers, salads and other food items. The ATM in the terminal is provided by Laurentian Bank. The new operators of the station have decided to provide free Wi Fi to customers. On December 15, 2008, new security measures by Greyhound came into place. All passengers must undergo random screening prior to boarding the bus, which includes the use of wand metal detectors and searching carry-on items. These measures are performed by the security firm Garda. Any passenger refusing to be searched is not permitted to travel.
Proposed Relocation
In early 2010, Ottawa Mayor Larry O'Brien announced that he was working with Greyhound to move to bus terminal to a new location next to the Via Rail station on Tremblay Road, effectively creating a transport hub along with the proposed LRT. According to O'Brien, talks had been going on for a while and Greyhound seemed warm to the idea; however the Catherine station's owner, Stewart Robertson, was never consulted and only learned through the media about the proposed move. The move has sparked controversy and mixed opinions with the public and local politicians, stating that the proposed location is inconvenient as it's not central, or more convenient as it's along the Transit way.
Robertson, the station's owner, released renderings of a proposed renovation that would see the inside and outside of the terminal's aesthetics improved as well as the terminal's heating and ventilation system, however these improvements would only come if Greyhound were to sign a long-term agreement with Robertson, which in the end would result in Station Central being phased out as the terminal's operators.
How to Reach:
 265 Catherine Street Ottawa, ON K1R 7S5, Canada (613) 238-5900
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